The Moroccan road trip

So there we were one late evening in October thinking this would be a good idea. My partner and I were chatting over dinner about how amazing a road trip would be to Morocco. Being an automotive photographer I not only have a passion for cars but a passion for driving, seeing new places and meeting new people. The evening wore on and our dreams started becoming reality. What car should we take, where were we going to stay and how on earth were we going to drive there.

Well fast forward two months and we were on the road. We'd bought a cheap sat nav, an even cheaper car and were heading to the ferry terminal. This is it, 6 unforgettable days. Little did I know what an epic drive it would be.

Day 1: We arrived at Calais after a smooth crossing and began the long haul across France, taking in the sights including some of the more scenic routes France has to offer. I don't know about you but I can't stand driving for hours on a motorway so after the sat nav took an hour to load we made our way through the country to find an overnight stop in a lovely little walled town. A comfortable bed was the order of the evening but judging on my back the next morning this was not to be the case.


Day 2: An early start this morning and quick breakfast stop(lovely croissants) and on our way to Spain. Beautiful weather today with more lovely countryside. Arrival at the Port ready to board the next morning. 

Day 3: We cross to Tangiers Morocco a hustling, bustling place and a hive of activity, with market traders mingling with local officials. We heard many stories of having to pay a fortune to get through into Morocco but we managed to pay with Haribo sweets which was a relief.

The one thing which was very evident when we arrived was how friendly the people are. Many have so little, but are so kind and we loved chatting to the locals.

The locals welcome us to Morocco

Welcome to Morocco

Day 4: A long drive today, then a sudden noise the sound of broken metal and there it went. Our exhaust had sheared off, it was a Sunday and we were in the middle of nowhere. Now if we were in England it is very unlikely we would get the car repaired without waiting forever, and paying a fortune. Not the case in Morocco. We rolled into a small town in the middle of the dessert and with various hand gestures were guided to a garage. Out came the proprietor and after overcoming the language barrier produced a welding torch. Two hours later we were back on the road. Amazing!

Garage repairs on a Sunday!

Day 5: A lot of driving today, almost there. Random hotel experience (staying at the hotel where gladiator was filmed)

The Gladiator hotel experience

Day 6: Arrival. 16 hour drive and many wrong turns. What a drive. I can whole heartedly recommend Morocco to anyone. Hospitable people, beautiful and rugged countryside and wonderful roads. Another one for the life jar! 


What are you looking at!

Everything except the kitchen sink!

Traditional boats

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