Never buy a cheap Porsche


I'd been hankering after a convertible for summer fun for some time. I'd browsed for a long time, never really made a decision and had decided to put it on the back burner. THEN one beautiful summers day my eyes spotted a silver Porsche Boxster 2.5 on ebay. £3000, full service history, lots of owners (I should have stopped looking then) quick sale needed due to injury. Well what do you do in a situation like that. The sensible of you would run a mile. Not me, drawn in I contacted the owner immediately and arranged to view the next morning.

All looked good, it had had lots of work, new parts an oil change the list goes on. Thousands of pounds of receipts, this must surely show a cherished and cared for example of the marque? On test drive it drove well, being the 2.5 not mind blowingly quick but adequate. I did notice a tappy noise from the engine but put this down to age more than condition. A deal was struck and I became the new owner. Exciting.

The next few weeks passed without fault. We decided another road trip was in store and to fully appreciate the top down we thought Italy would be fitting and then back detouring through Monaco and St Tropez. Bags packed, Channel Tunnel booked we set off on our adventure.

Now I've done road trips before (please see blog post Morocco) but Venice felt like it would never arrive. Expensive fuel, lots of toll roads and two nights accommodation and we made it. Raining, "what in Venice", not what I was expecting.

Finally we got some good weather and really enjoyed looking around such a fabulous city. Once you've mastered the water bus Venice is your Oyster and venturing into some of the less touristy places is a must.

We leave Venice today, me stupidly thinking I could do Monaco in a day. Well 12 hours driving and lots of stops and we made it. Have never been to Monaco, what an amazing place (the roads and scenery are stunning).

Off towards St Tropez today for more sun chasing.

Heres where the fun started and why, please anyone reading this do not ever buy a "to good to be true sportscar" because trust me it isn't. On the way back to the ferry I heard a chattering noise from the engine. Suddenly without warning the car chugged and spluttered, white smoke flew from the exhaust, and a sea of lights appeared on the dashboard, spelling game over. I immediately jumped out, the car was red hot. Now I don't know if any of you have ever seen how difficult it is to get to the engine in one of these cars, but after a lot of faffing with various switches and hood mechanisms I eventually got to the dipstick(no not me). Completely dry spelling a major engine malfunction. Here we were stuck in the middle of France, what were we going to do. Luckily (as I thought at the time) I had get me home insurance.

The car was transported to a nearby yard and my partner and I transported to a motel (Elvis tribute with bed bugs) you get the picture.

The morning came, and we were advised the car would be stored so we could get home and have returned to us at a later date. £950 later and it arrived back in the UK. A lesson learned!

So the moral of the story is, never buy a car with your heart always with your head, buy in haste repent at leisure.

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