Lamborghini Contach

What a side profile

I always say I have been very fortunate to find a job that not only I love but is my passion. Cars have been a life long interest of mine and I am very fortunate to work with some great clients and some beautiful vehicles. This is one of them a stunning and completely original Lamborghini Contach.

This beauty means business!

Lamborghini Contach front profile

To put it plainly I love Lamborghini. Whether it be a Miura or a Diablo they are all iconic and although not the most practical of cars they are wildly ahead of there time. It seemed fitting to find a dramatic location for this car and that was wonderfully selected by the client who found a wooded copse which set the car off perfectly.

Deep dish OZ wheels

Oz racing deep dished wheels

Unfortunately the weather was being very British the day of the shoot however in my opinion this just added a further air of mood to a particularly aggressive car.

Beauty in the woods

Iconic doors and shape. Imagine this coming past you in the 80's. It must have looked like a car from the future.

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